Entry One: Big🐗Bear🌵🌟


I am not sure what prompts me to say anything at all…

Big🐗Bear🌵🌟 is a man that coincidentally fell into my life. As cliché as the West, he was a tumbleweed rolling in. I remember the first time I laid eyes on him, sitting down among a group of three friends, all except for him about the same height, one with a wounded and bandaged hand. They ordered from a waitress and conversed amongst themselves excitedly and wheeled and scooted in the dingy suede chairs until they deemed themselves comfortable. He wore a cowboy hat making him easy to spot, and I quickly assessed him as the most good-looking of the group. His hat was cream, cattleman style, the texture fuzzy as if it were soft to the touch. Underneath his hat was a boyish grin with a smile from the dreams of a dentist. He wore an expensive, light-colored, pressed shirt, a baby blue patterning revealed its lavish. His long legs steeped higher than the average person as he sat, one large leather boot resting upon his knee.

When I approached him his smile revealed almost every tooth in his mouth and I gladly took a seat. He was most extremely polite, a surprise and relief to find colloquial conversation. Many men who strolled in pre-aware they were handsome spoke to us with a stingy entitlement, so I took to his hospitality and wit and enjoyed my first meeting with a young Texas cowboy. The conversation that unfolded would undoubtedly curve the path of my audacious life, and imprint upon both of us in measures we neither could have expected.


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