Entry 15: The Attack of Limbo


I’m sensing a little tension behind those eyes… You must need to say something. Something you need to say?

I’m not sure. I think I am at my worst when in limbo. And who isn’t?

What a terrible place to be. Maybe you need to brainstorm how to avoid limbo, because when you’re there, you seem to frown more, you’re more negative, 😒😒😒 you’re indecisive, intolerant, and anxious. Very bad mixture there.

Now, self soothe. Put yourself in a place, where only you are the creator. Listen. Walk, walk far, you hear the birds chirping, you hear the lava bubble. That lava bubbles in your chest, not into a pop, but as a thick mass of liquid substance, it spills from your heart churning. You breath and the lava fills your lungs so thick, breathing is an impossibility, but still you sit there, bodily functions still functioning away.

You’re thinking more complex than you need to. Nobody is as complex. You’re not satisfied, but you keep telling yourself you are. That gap and void is what keeps you stuck in limbo. Only a concrete decision will free you. A walling off of the mind, you need to put a wall up to prevent limbo. Stop torturing yourself by venturing there. Why do you call if it only disappoints you?

Habit. A habit that felt so good you let go and continued without thinking, but now you’re back to square one and you need to think again. Notice what you’re doing, and stop yourself from doing it. You’re more prone to attack in limbo because you cannot visualize where you are.

Leave this place.

Gain your power back, no one took it from you. It’s sitting outside your metaphorical lava, just waiting for you to pick it up. You feel angry. You feel enraged. You feel like what you’re doing is an ultimate waste of minutes. You can’t count on anybody but yourself.
And that’s okay. The same rule applies to everyone. (Hence why it’s a problem.)

Draw your anger so you can see it. You’ll spend so much time preparing to see your anger, when you’re done you won’t be anymore… Release yourself from your torture, conquer your limbo, train yourself to exist in all worlds. Keep your entrapment at bay. Give yourself your purpose back.


A Poem for Your Week


Write your thoughts, write your thoughts, write your thoughts.

What beauty and honesty in writing your thoughts.

Always allow yourself to know the true path of your thinking.

Thinking can sometimes lead you astray.

You must succumb to your own honesty to remain yourself sane.

You must consider your conscious the most important to nurture and protect.

Without that protection how could you offer the same to others?

How could you know the steps that need to be taken to guide them to
think freely?

Write your thoughts, write your thoughts, write your thoughts.

Your mind bleeds into the other minds you possess.

How else do you explain the disunity of a divided mind? There is
obviously más que uno.

The minds deserve in the least to be recorded, not lapsed as a bygone.

And so when I write my words, write my words, write my words…

An immunity arises. An imagination rears its head. A lion stands

Through my humbleness to respect my own word my mind is guided.

My true freedom comes from the words of my thoughts.