Entry 11: If You Need or Want


I feel like I need to write something. Like some things need to be said. I don’t know. I feel this is an opportune time to be writing.

Say it.

Your business is your business. The way you pay your bills. Sure. You will get a regular job. You will work that job the majority of the time. Yes. It will work out. You need to get back into that swing of things anyways. But if you need to/want to supplement your income with dancing sometimes, you are entirely entitled to do so. Because NO ONE ELSE is helping you with anything. You are on your own.

That means, including Big🐗Bear🌵🌟. He doesn’t help you with bills. You don’t help him with his bills. You basically only exchange bodily fluids and ideas. Everything else is up to the grown ass woman who is you to decide. Because we don’t give two fucks about what other people think. The term “people” also entails your boyfriend. But yes.

What Big🐗Bear🌵🌟 asks of you is a truth. In the realm of the normal middle class family, you need to stop. But what Big🐗Bear🌵🌟  doesn’t know, doesn’t hurt him. And yes, quitting dancing will be your Summer’s resolution, a scarcity of action until it never need happen again.

Enjoy your life. Keep good grades. Embrace and don’t feel guilty for taking on the role of being a mom and doing whatever you gotta do to be home with your daughter.


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