Entry 23: In Respect to Hallows Eve






It’s funny how the horns almost mimic themselves into the wood of the ceiling. The wooden planks depicted shapes like would a cloud. Like with clouds I day dream at them, as I wait for him to awaken.

Green everywhere outside. Now that the morning shone in, a small pond sits to the north of the cabin. It’s quiet and I’m sighing. Listening to myself sighing.

Looking at the pond.

Looking at the ceiling.

The pond.

The ceiling.

“G’Morning.” He says. I snap my head to him. Big🐗Bear🌵🌟 is so cute. I look at him, in the same instant I’m smiling.

“G’Morning.” I say and snuggle onto my shoulder. Face to face now. I listen to him breathing while he takes me in. He’s eyeing every feature. I can feel it.

I feel myself smiling. I smile.

Look in his eyes.

Look at his lips.

His eyes.

His lips.

His eyes.

His neck.

His eyes.

His neck. His neck. Neck.

I have to kiss it. I do. I’m kissing him.

I must. 


My time.

I grab under his jaw and turn his head. Mmm, peach skin. I kiss it. Close my eyes. Mmmmm, his skin is so soft. Open them. I see that blue there. You see it?

Close. His heartbeat, I hear it, it’s faster.

Open. Oh man. His skin is so thin there, so thin.

I smell it.

His neck. I’m alive right now. I’m fighting myself.

I must.



I have my mouth around his neck now. I am in mid orgasm. Every nerve under my skin is alight. I have my teeth bared and around his neck. I’m crouched on top of him. I am sitting in his lap, I feel him hard under me.

His neck is under my teeth now. I notice it. A split second realization. That was all it took to send me over the edge.

I bite. Hard.

His eyes slam open when my fangs, both upper and lower plunge into him. Big🐗Bear🌵🌟 reacted now. He is strong. I reacted too.

My crouching position pinned him to the bed and he fights me. I suck and suck. There is blood ALL OVER the bed now. I suck and he yells. He isn’t yelling at me. He’s yelling at death.

Death doesn’t listen.

I suck and feel my fingers digging into his biceps. Blood is so hot, so thick. It drags over my teeth as I draw more. I pin him at the neck, he gurgles.

This is the end. I let Big🐗Bear🌵🌟 go.

I gape at him. I am the only sound. I look at the pond.

I look at him. His muscled, hairy chest has blood all over it. He stares off immobile.


I breathe and fall over his side to my back. This bed is so warm. I have blood all over my arms.

I look at the ceiling. “Mmm,I sigh.

I look at the ceiling as if it were clouds.


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