I’m Surrounded by Movie Stars

I’m sitting, waiting for a movie to start  in the parking lot. A Volvo pulls swiftly between the white lined spots in front of me. Edward steps out the driver door, fixing his hair, hidden behind the body of the SUV. Emily…. Emiline? Stephanie? Wait… what’s her name?

BELLA!! ☝🏽️☝🏽️☝🏽️That’s it!

Well, Bella was standing to the right of her passenger door, rhythmically tapping her toes in alternation. She waited for him, a subtle smile on her lips, anticipating date night at the movies. Her dark hair was up tonight, strands of her bun dangled down around her ears.

When Edward came around the corner his leather jacket reflected in the tall lights of the parking lot. An image of Chris Pratt as Star-Lord registered in my mind and Edwards dark hair vanished into a soft blonde curl.

Bella always got the good ones. 😑😒😑 She doesn’t deserve ’em.


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