About Me

My name is Sarina, my nickname is Rina P. I am a senior at the University of Texas at Arlington completing a Communication Technology degree. I have been an artist for my entire life, starting out with cardboard dioramas of the Sioux Indians and our solar system, to crafting with flowers and bones and designing logos and websites.


I dream that one day I will live in the country in Texas, where the silence will suit me, and I make my living somewhere between my 3-Dimensional art and Web 2.0. I find the rapid development of communication between us as people fascinating, and enjoy creating visuals either through my computer or through paint on a canvas.

My political affiliation is Next Generation Left. I am intrigued by species preservation, history, and societal influence. I hope to use my art and knowledge of Comm Tech to inspire a second thought to our world and the people in it, because I know that is what it has done for me. 

Summed Up in Eight

A poem by Rina P

My nickname, I didn’t choose. It was given to me.

Half from my mother, the other half probably some shortening,

created by my high school classmates. A calling I responded to.

And I liked it, and everyone else seemed to like it too. I assumed it about myself. 

I am a mother. A student. A pet owner. A maid. 

Here, I am an author. A babbler. A creative. A journalist. 

This blog. My stories. My writing.

iamrina.p is the collective assumption of all that I am. 

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